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Speech and stress project

This website contains extra information concerning the project on speech and stress at the Gheplab, led by Mitchel Kappen. This page can be reached through scanning the QR code complementing the poster and Big Ideas session talk at SPR (Society for Psychophysiological Research) 2022 in Vancouver, titled:

“How your speech responds to stress:
The validation of acoustic, prosodic, and semantic speech features in a multi-paradigm stress-induction task”

Mitchel Kappen*, Jonas van der Donckt*, Gert Vanhollebeke, Sofie Van Hoecke, Marie-Anne Vanderhasselt

Current study

In the current study, we expose participants to two different stress paradigms (Cyberball and MIST) on two different days, one week apart. Both stress paradigms consist of a control block and a stress block, allowing for within-participant comparisons. Speech is collected after each task block by asking participants to describe what they see and how they feel whilst being exposed to a screenshot of the task they just finished. Whenever speech is collected, we also collected affective state questionnaires. Both ECG and EDA measures are collected throughout the experiment. Manuscript is currently in preparation, see poster and presentation pdf’s for preliminary results. We will upload a video of the presentation at SPR when it is available. After data analyses is completed, data and code will also made available publicly. For current versions, check out Github.

Poster and presentation pdf

Former studies


Kappen, M., Hoorelbeke, K., Madhu, N., Demuynck, K., & Vanderhasselt, M. A. (2022). Speech as an indicator for psychosocial stress: A network analytic approach. Behavior Research Methods54(2), 910-921.


PDF: Click here

OSF (code and data):

Kappen, M., Van Der Donckt, J., Vanhollebeke, G., Allaert, J., Degraeve, V., Madhu, N., S. Van Hoecke & Vanderhasselt, M. A. (2022). Acoustic speech features in social comparison: how stress impacts the way you sound. Sci Rep 12, 22022,


OSF (code and data):

Running studies

1) Validation of a new speech collection paradigm, asking participants to describe what they see in emotionally neutral images, drawn in black in white. 

Data and code will be shared when results are published. 

2) How are speech responses to stress modulated by slow-paced breathing and neurostimulation. A full factorial stress design containing tDCS (vs sham) and slow-paced breathing (vs control breathing).

Data and code will be shared when results are published. 


Please feel free to reach out if there are any questions concerning any of the projects. We are always interested in exchanging ideas or hearing your input, or if you are in a similar field. If any data/code is not working, or if you are interested in the data for any of the currently running studies, you can also send an e-mail. 

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