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Beatriz Catoira

I’m a PhD of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels based at the GHEP Lab. I’ve completed a bachelor degree in Psychology (University of Santiago de Compostela), a master in Neuroscience (University of a Corunha) and a Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (specialization in cognitive neuroscience, Maastricht University).

During my masters, I started to focus on neurostimulation and its combination with brain imaging. Therefore during my PhD I currently use simultaneous electrical stimulation (tDCS) with neuro imaging (mainly fMRI). In order to understand the effects of tDCS I also  perform computational modeling of the electric current. I currently use these methods in order to study the role of the cerebellum in social sequences, in neurotypical (healthy) and autistic participants.

Keywords: tDCS, fMRI, cerebellum.

Fun facts:
– I love guinea pigs, but for cuddles, not for research
– During my masters I got voted as “most likely to become an evil scientist”