David Demeester

After graduating with a master’s degree in clinical psychology at Ghent University in 2022, I joined the GHEPLab as a research staff member. I am primarily interested in transdiagnostic cognitive processes related to internalizing psychopathology (anxiety, depression & stress).

Currently, I am involved in the PrevenD 2.0 project. In this project we investigate the effects of a computerized cognitive control training (CCT) as a relapse prevention of depression. We try to find out how many sessions this training should ideally consist of to achieve positive effects, as well whether booster sessions after completing a training can help to consolidate these training effects. This project is a collaboration between Ghent Experimental Psychiatry Lab (GHEPLab) and Psychopathology and Affective Neuroscience Lab (PANLab).

Key words: Cognitive Control Training, Internalizing Psychopathology, Relapse Prevention.