Debby Klooster

I am a junior postdoctoral researcher (funded by FWO)
within the Ghep Lab and the 4Brain research group at Ghent University.
Additionally, I am affiliated with the electromagnetic group at the
Eindhoven University of
Technology (TU/e, the Netherlands). After studying Biomedical
Engineering (BSc, MSc, TU/e), I also finished a post-master program
(PDEng, electrical engineering, TU/e) and a PhD (TU/e and UGent). My
main research interest is in the potential of multimodal
imaging techniques, such as MRI and EEG, to personalize brain
stimulation parameters. Hopefully this can lead to better clinical
response rates. 

Keywords: neuromodulation, MRI, EEG

Casual fact: I am a horse girl.