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Eveline Libaert

In 2021 I joined the Ghent Experimental Psychiatry Lab as a PhD candidate. My PhD supervisors are Prof. Dr. Chris Baeken and Prof. Dr. Ernst Koster. I obtained my first master degree in Personnel Management and Industrial Psychology (2019) and my second master degree in Clinical Psychology (2021) at Ghent University. 

My main research interests focus on training- and therapy interventions for affective disorders. Additionally, I am interested in the reintegration of formerly depressed patients into the labor market. My research is part of the FWO-funded project PrevenD 2.0. To remediate cognitive impairments and reduce depression risk, this project focuses on a computerized cognitive control training (CCT) procedure that trains depression-related cognitive impairments using an individually-tailored approach. Identifying for whom CCT shows most beneficial effects and what predicts treatment adherence, is key for efficient use of the intervention in clinical practice. This project is a collaboration with the department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology at Ghent University.

Keywords: cognitive control training, depression, health economics.