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Gert Vanhollebeke

I am a PhD candidate pursuing an interdisciplinary doctorate in engineering and health sciences and am a member of both the Ghent Experimental Psychiatry Lab and de Medical Imaging and Signal Processing lab at Ghent University. I studied engineering (Electronics and ICT Engineering (2013 – 2017), Biomedical Engineering (2017 – 2019)) and am currently trying to combine the bachelor’s in clinical psychology at UGent with my work as a PhD student.  

The red line through my PhD is the investigation of psychological constructs, mainly psychosocial stress and rumination, through the usage of EEG. Using high-density EEG, I employ source modeling and functional connectivity/graph analysis techniques to investigate which brain networks are involved or responsible for these constructs and how the regions belonging to these networks interact. Aside from this, I am interested in the usage of machine learning with neuroimaging data for the investigation of psychiatric disorders. I am funded by the Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds (BOF) of UGent. 

Keywords: EEG, Functional Connectivity, Psychosocial Stress