Jens Allaert

I obtained my MSc in Theoretical and Experimental Psychology in 2017 at Ghent University, with a thesis in which the relationship between regret and repetitive negative thinking was investigated. From 2017 until 2019 I worked as a scientific researcher in the GHEPlab, during which I learned psychophysiological measures such as pupillometry, gaze behavior, skin conductance responses, heart rate variability, and heart rate deceleration/acceleration. Furthermore, I investigated the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) over the left DLPFC on psychophysiological responses during the anticipation and reception of social feedback. In 2019 I started my PhD project, which builds upon my thesis concerning the study of regret. In this project, we will investigate and explore constructs that are related to regret, such as self-blame schemata, adaptive (i.e., positive reappraisal, acceptance) and maladaptive (e.g., brooding rumination) emotion regulation strategies. Moreover, we will investigate the causal role of a) attentional control in the dynamics between regret and repetitive negative thinking, and b) regret in the onset of depression. My scope of research interests is relatively broad, including neuro-modulation techniques (e.g., tDCS), psychophysiological measures, stress and emotion regulation, emotional reactivity, attentional control, experimental methodology, statistical analysis, and more.