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Mitchel Kappen

I am a doctoral student since 2019 at the Ghent Experimental Psychiatry. I acquired my bachelor degree in Cognitive and Neurobiological Psychology and my master degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology both at Utrecht University (the Netherlands). Between my degrees I visited the University of Victoria (British Colombia, Canada) to learn more research skills and it is where my enthusiasm for psychophysiology started.  

In my research, I am primarily interested whether signs of stress and depression occur in a person’s physiology (biomarkers), such as speech, bodily movements, and facial muscle tension. My interests lay in scalable measures that can be applied in everyday settings, which requires many lab studies. Moreover, my research focusses on relapse prevention after a successful electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) in treatment resistant depressive patients by means of cognitive interventions.  

I like to do data analysis and am a big fan of data visualisation and an even bigger supporter of open science.  

Keywords: speech, stress detection, depression.