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Qinyuan Chen

I am a PhD student in the GHEP lab. I received both my bachelor’s in Psychology (2017) and master’s in Cognitive Neuroscience (2020) at South China Normal University. Then, I awarded scholarship from Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) and started my PhD at Ghent University in 2020. With the great interest in exploring the neural mechanisms of cognitive function in human brain (healthy and patient populations), I want to continue my research on cognitive neuroscience.

During my PhD period, I will mainly focus on the framework of criticism paradigm, with the combination of  the brain imaging techniques (fMRI, sMRI, DTI) to explore: i) the different neural mechanisms of being criticized between neuropsychiatric patients and healthy controls; ii) the effect of brain stimulation (e.g. tDCS, aiTBS) on criticism in both neuropsychiatric patients and healthy controls; iii) the effect of cognitive behavior therapy on patients with repetitive negative thinking when they are being criticized. Besides, I will be part of the project about the translational research on the neurobiological effect of rTMS treatment on stress-related mental disorders, exploring the neural mechanisms of rTMS treatment in both human and canine brain.

Keywords: emotion regulation, neuroimaging, brain network.