Zefeng Li

I graduated from South China Normal University and received my master’s degree of basic psychology.  I joined the lab in 2021 with the funding of Chinese government. During my master’s degree, I worked on the EEG analysis about working memory and mental rotation at high altitude and the treatment for depression. I started my PhD’s degree at Ghent University in the department of Head and Skin.

For my PhD project, I am trying to combine the previous baseline Heart rate variability dataset in the lab to solve the mixed result in the relationship between HRV and trait emotion providing a strong and robust evidence. The second project is investigating the combined effect of tDCS and slow breathing on HRV and the relationship with state rumination and stress. Another upcoming project is to investigate the interaction between heart and brain after physical exercise intervention using EEG and HRV measurement. Besides, for my personal, I am also interested in neural plasticity and the function of sleep that make me feel how miraculous our brain it is.